Passion & Hobby

Carmen Stoicescu



     Born in Romania in 1968

     Moved and settled to Sweden in 2003.

     Having experimented with many hobbies it was the discovery of painting that brought most happiness to my life. Worked as an understudy to local artist, Predrag Dragan Babovic beginning with exercising charcoal sketches.

     Babovici is a member of Swedishart and he himself started with art late in his journey, giving up a life of material security in exchange for an exploration of art and expression.  Long hours in museums and libraries, studying the oldmasters, taught him a deep understanding of classical figurative art, the knowledge of which, he passed on to me and others.         

      From learning how to first prepare a canvas and later, gaining in ability, I developed the confidence to experiment with different techniques.

      My inspiration now comes from beautiful nature around me. But it’s humans that most intrigue me. Things that intrigue me, attract me the most.  So the first acrylic painting I chose to do during my first painting lesson was a copy of Vermeer’s ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ which took three years to complete. I am most comfortable in a world of portaits – mainly women of all backgrounds and emotional states – I find that all people are worth exploring and I work at trying to capture their story on canvas.

    Art education:

Vuxenskolan Association Älmhult - Painting Technique - 2008

Vuxenskolan Association Älmhult - Charcoal Drawing - 2009

Painting study with artist Predrag Dragan Babovic - 2010

   Group exhibitions:

2009 Predag Dragan Babovic studio – Group PUNKT - Exhibition of studies & art; drawings,

2010 IKEA Aktivitetshuset, ÄLMHULT- Group PUNKT – Painting,

2011 Predag Dragan Babovic studio – Group PUNKT – Painting